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StarApplication : Increase your monetization

Developers Developers

You are a developer? You need to improve your business and gain profit ? With StarApplication this couldn't get any easier. Join our community and make money through your very own application.

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Advertisers Advertisers

You made your app ? Is it time to introduce it to the world? Don't look further, because StarApplication is the place to be. We help you attract new users, increase your downloads, and more ...

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Advanced Monetization Platform

In collaboration with the market leader partnership, StarApplication hits 90 % of global coverage rates ! A well deserved status, thanks to the Advanced Monetization Platform that helps our customers to maximize their revenue throughout the world. With StarApplication, you also have the chance to choose between various types of Easy-To-Install Sdks.

Market leader partnership

We work with the best reference for advertising. We continue to attract the best collaborators in the technology market by offering our best service.

StarApplication : Market leader partnership

Advanced eCPM and Maximum Mobile Revenue

We offer major eCPMs that ensure maximum monetization of your achievement, we work to help innovative developers to maximize their gains and optimize their fill rates …

StarApplication : Advanced eCPM and Maximum Mobile Revenue

A brilliant team

Our company is a great place to work. It is full of ideas and innovation, it needs similarly creative minds to help carry on the starting process already made. Don’t waste anymore time ! Come and join our supervising, guiding and motivating team ...

StarApplication is a great place to work